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Law School Documentary July 30, 2007

Posted by James G. Milles in Documentary.

Via Rebecca Tushnet at Georgetown Law Faculty Blog:

The Trials of Law School, a documentary film on the U.S. Law School system, will premiere at the 20th Annual Dallas Video Festival. The film will screen Sunday, August 5th, at 4:30 in the Kalita Humphries Theater. . . .

The Trials of Law School captures the stress and emotion both inside the classroom and out. The film follows eight students, with different backgrounds and expectations, as they try to juggle family and relationships with a new curriculum, a new language and a new way of life. Their journey is contrasted with insight from over 25 acclaimed law professors and legal scholars from around the country, including Taunya Banks (Maryland,) Randy Barnett (Georgetown,) David Becker (Washington St. Louis,) Angela Davis (American,) Charles Daye (Former LSDAD president,) Rich Freer (Emory, George Washington) Elizabeth Garrett (USC,) John Goldberg (Vanderbilt,) John Kidwell Wisconsin,) Paula Lustbader (Seattle,) Ruth McKinney (UNC,) Judith McMorrow (Boston College,) Rob Miller (Author, Law School Confidential,) Martha Peters (Elon,) Eric Posner (Chicago,) Richard Primus (Michigan,) Patrick Schiltz (U.S. Federal Judge,) Chris Slobogin (Florida, Stanford) David Sokolow, (University of Texas,) Mark Tushnet (Harvard,)and Elizabeth Warren (Harvard).

The film is directed and produced by attorney and filmmaker Porter Heath Morgan, who began production during his second year at the University of Oklahoma College of Law. Before law school, Morgan received his B.A. in Film and B.B.A in Marketing from Southern Methodist University. This is Morgan’s first feature documentary film.

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